Her personal diary about life for all to read




Welcome to my memoir……

If you just happened to find this blog first of all welcome. This is my personal diary that I have made public for the world to see. Here I write how I feel and what is going on in my life. Some of what you read might make you feel sad for me and what I am going through. This is my way of reaching out to the world and showing others they are not alone when it comes to bad relationships, mental health struggles, or just wen life throws you that curve ball . I have dealt with being in a not communicative relationship for over 7 years now. I admit it’s taking a toll on me , but I am a fighter and will get where I need to be.

I also struggle from mental health problems. I was first diagnosed with anxiety and panic then Bipolar. I considered Bipolar 1 also know in old school term as manic depression. Depression is a very hard thing to handle, especially without support. I have a support system now , it has taken many years to find the true help I needed. One was finding the strength of God knowing that this “gift” doesn’t deter me from doing my calling , but I will admit I am still looking for it!

I know that I am obviously, not alone when it comes to how I feel and maybe ,just maybe. I will have others reach out to me and tell me that feel they same. I am tired of hiding behind the shadows I want to live and be a role model to show others that you can to.I am not leaving anything exposed  there will be days when it going to be the raw hard truth of fights, to manic episodes,to me just being happy, and even reaching out for help.  This is my “diary” and be proof of what I have gone through and how I am going to make big changes in 2017, you never know maybe this will become a novel one day.

  I hope you enjoy the journey,